We intend to cover the following theoretical and experimental areas:

  • Cold atom techniques: Bloch sphere, Doppler cooling, molasses, MOT, detection techniques, optical dipole trap, optical lattice, sideband cooling, evaporative cooling, BEC
  • Cosmology: Lambda-CDM, General relativity in inhomogeneus universe
  • Fundamental physics: dark matter candidates, table top dark matter experiments, Kings plot vs SM and beyond
  • Optical Clocks: magic wavelengths, clock laser, Allan variance, Lamb Dicke regime, accuracy budget, interrogation
  • Optical cavities: fundamentals, construction, usage overview (reference, frequency doubler, power enhancement, laser, superradiance, squeezing…)
  • Cavity QED:
    • Theory: Jaynes-Cummings, motion, (dipole-dipole?), basics of a (single/few) atom laser (role of repumping, decoherence), difference normal/superradiant laser, self-ordering in cavities
    • Experiments with cavities: cavity enhanced spectroscopy, superradiance, superradiant active optical clocks
  • Optical atomic clocks in industry